Preview CCD’s RCA Application

Built on the foundation of our earlier product, originally created by Dr. Ken Hirsh & Dr. Dennis Wallace, our latest  version brings you an easy-to-use tool filled with the latest features, all in a modern, web-based application.

Sign up today and take RCA v5 for a spin.

Stop wasting your capital budget or paying for something you only use a few time a year. Let’s be honest – not every incident needs to be put through a formal, time consuming RCA process. But when the time come, you need a process to follow that keeps the team on track and gets the job done.

CCD’s RC Analyst will guide you through each step until the root causes are known; and then it will help you define the necessary corrective actions and oversee the followup stage.

Cost should be on everybody’s mind when looking for new software, so we decided to make it simple. Registered users are only charged for each RCA that they perform. No long-term contracts, no minimal amounts, no retainer fees, and no annual support costs.

Check out our pricing link for the exact numbers.